Trenchless Sewer Replacement And Water Line Replacement Services


Before replacing a water line one should consider the age of the water main, material of the current water main and whether the water line has ever been fixed before. Water service line materials are made of copper, ductile iron pipe and brass.

The life of a water service line is around fifty years. Replacement should be done for water service lines that are above fifty years old. It is better to replace an old water line if it has been fixed before because trying to fix again will only cause it to break. When doing a water line replacement one will incur costs such as restoration costs, tools, trucks labor, equipment and permit fees.

High costs in the replacement of water lines are labor costs. It is better to replace a water line when fixing a water line costs are close to replacement costs or higher. Damaged lines can be fixed through the use of liquid epoxy-resin solutions.

Trenchless technologies enable one to save money on digging and doing landscaping later on. One incurred huge costs using the traditional method of replacement because of removing earth, labor costs and the time taken to replace the pipe with a problem.
Special equipment and skill are necessary to do trenchless pipe repair. Dig and replace traditional method can affect sidewalks, utilities, driveways, and streets because of the pipes that lie underneath.

The location of the pipe and its depth will also affect the price of replacement in traditional replacement methods. Learn more  about Water Line Replacement Lethbridge,  go here.

It is not necessary for someone to dig when using trenchless replacement.

Soil remains in its place when one uses trench specialists. To ensure that landscapes and lawns stay intact, it is better to go for trenchless sewer replacement. The extent of the damage, the depth of the pipe and the location of the property are some of the factors to consider when deciding whether to burst pipes or line them up.

A trenchless pipe repair expert is able to analyze the extent of damage of your pipes and advise you accordingly.

To save some money on sewer replacement go for trenchless sewer replacement. To save on time use trenchless sewer line replacement.

There is also no loose soil around as the compactness of the soil was never disturbed. Residents are willing to bear with the inconvenience of moving for a short while. The trenchless pipe repair expert will give you rough estimates of how much a replacement job would cost. Good piping work will ensure that you do not have to do replacements in a few years time.


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